Message from
AMRO Director

Thank you for visiting the website of ASEAN+3 Macroeconomic Research Office (AMRO). AMRO was established in Singapore in April 2011 by ASEAN+3 countries (ASEAN & China, Japan and Korea) as an independent regional surveillance unit to monitor and analyse regional economies and support Chiang Mai Initiative Multilateralisation (CMIM) decision-making.


What we do

AMRO is the regional macroeconomic surveillance unit of the Chiang Mai Initiative Multilateralisation (CMIM) of the ASEAN+3 members. AMRO’s purposes are to monitor and analyse regional economies and to contribute to early detection of risks, swift implementation of remedial actions and effective decision-making of the CMIM.
The CMIM is a multilateral currency swap arrangement among ASEAN+3 members, which became effective on 24 March 2010, having developed from the CMI bilateral swap network. Its core objectives are (i) to address balance of payment and short-term liquidity difficulties in the region, and (ii) to supplement the existing international financial arrangements. The total size is US$240 billion.