AMRO places paramount importance on securing the highest standards of efficiency and technical competence. We seek motivated and competent individuals to join us in accomplishing our mission: to contribute to the macroeconomic and financial stability of the region. We provide opportunities for challenging and rewarding careers where staff members are able to continuously learn and develop their personal and professional capabilities, alongside contributing and growing with the organization.

To attract and retain top talents, we offer competitive remuneration and a comprehensive expatriate benefits package.

Posting date: 15 May 2017
Closing date: 14 June 2017

Terms of Reference for Deputy Director (Administrative function)

The Deputy Director (Administrative function) will report to AMRO Director, and perform the following functions:

i. To lead and supervise the planning and implementation of AMRO’s budget and financial functions (such as ensuring financial prudence, integrity and accountable management of financial related issues);

ii. To lead the planning, implementation and supervision of AMRO’s HR functions (such as personnel management and development of staff capabilities);

iii. To lead and supervise the planning and implementation of AMRO’s legal policies and processes to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations;

iv. To lead and supervise the planning and implementation of AMRO’s IT related functions;

v. To lead and supervise the planning and implementation of AMRO’s procurement policies and processes;

vi. To lead and supervise the planning and implementation of AMRO’s other administrative functions; and

vii. To perform other functions as may be determined by the Director in accordance with the AMRO Agreement.

Qualifications & Evaluation Criteria for Deputy Director (Administrative function)

Successful candidates should possess:

a) Excellent educational background

Qualification: Graduate degree in the area of public/ business administration, economics, finance, human resource, law or other related fields from a reputable university

b) Rich management experience in budget, human resource and administrative management in IOs/national government institutions

Qualification: Around 10 years of direct hands-on management experience in budget, finance, human resource, accounting, administrative management, audit and evaluation, training and legal management at international organizations and/or national government institutions

c) Rich knowledge in budget, finance and accounting, human resource, evaluation, training, administrative and legal matters

Qualification: Relevant academic or professional qualifications in related areas or direct hands-on working experience in handling budget, finance accounting, auditing, legal and administrative matters at international organizations or similar establishments and/or national government institutions

d) Considerable experience in managing and leading a diverse team of staff with different cultural backgrounds or successful experience in working with such diverse team of staff or demonstrated international experience in working in diverse cultural environment

e) Strong network contacts internationally, including within the ASEAN+3 region, and international organizations with related fields


The appointment of the Deputy Director (Administrative function) position will be until September 26, 2019.

Posting date: 10 February 2017
Closing date: 22 May 2017 (extended)

Human Resource Officer should provide expertise in the areas of HR management, compensation and benefits, recruitment and staffing, staff development and organizational effectiveness and HR services and data management.

HR Officer will perform the following functions:

i. Support Group Head of Budget, HR and Support Service (Group Head) in reviewing, developing and implementing HR policies/programs and initiatives;

ii. Support Group Head in HR strategic planning, talent acquisition and retention, performance evaluation and rewards management;

iii. Support Group Head in managing pay-roll, staff retirement plan and other AMRO staff benefit ensuring the effectiveness of compensation and benefit policies and programs for staff;

iv. Support Group Head in managing HR data, analysing and monitoring key HR metrics and statistics;

v. Support Group Head in liaising, communicating and consulting with other groups/teams on HR policy/program issues;

vi. Support Group Head in coordinating with various authorities and IFIs on HR related issues, maintain good working relationships with Stakeholders;

vii. Support Group Head in performing other administration functions such as budget and financial functions, IT related functions, procurement functions and other related functions as required; and

viii. Perform other functions as may be determined by Director/supervisor.

Successful candidates should possess:

a) An advanced degree from reputable university in the field of public/business administration, HR management, organisational development, economics, social sciences or related fields;

b) At least 5 years of relevant professional HR working experience. Work experience at the International Financial Institutions (IFIs) or other international organisations will be advantageous;

c) Affiliation with and/or certified/accredited by recognised professional HR associations, such as CIPD, IPMA-HR, SHRM etc. is preferable;

d) Deep understanding and experience of IFIs best practices in dealing HR strategy, policy and practice, staff planning and recruitment, performance management & career development, compensation and benefit policies, pension & insurance management, learning and organisational effectiveness, HR analysis, HR planning and budgeting and HR service (including on-boarding, in-service, and off-boarding);

e) Excellent organizational skills, experience in coordinating activities that require teamwork, excellent oral and written communication and interpersonal skills to interact with AMRO staff and external contacts in accordance with AMRO’s organizational practices, and procedures and policies;

f) Leading, mentoring and coaching. When required, candidate is able to lead team, exercising supervision, and planning responsibilities over the assigned team, with oversight from supervisors.

g) Client orientation and problem solving. Candidate is able to resolve situations where client needs are not being met. Candidate can also seek out for guidance and experience in overcoming the most challenging situations.

h) Strong persistence, efficiency and punctuality in handling multiple tasks. Candidate must show persistence when faced with difficult problems or challenges and maintenance of calm in stressful situations. Candidate must also be able to work under pressure, handle multiple concurrent tasks with efficiency and manage tight deadlines; and

i) Strong teamwork and communication skill to interact effectively with staff and officials of diverse cultural backgrounds at all levels. Excellent communication and negotiating skills and ability in English, both spoken and written to influence others to reach agreement. High proficiency in software applications such as Microsoft Office (specifically Excel, PowerPoint and Word).

Posting date: 31 March 2016
Closing date: –

Economist will, under the supervision of the head of group, conduct macroeconomic and financial surveillance of ASEAN+3 members (or advanced economies) and work on CMIM related issues. Work responsibilities include visiting members, drafting surveillance reports, preparing policy recommendation and maintaining database

The candidates should possess:

i)   An advanced degree in Economics, Finance, Public Finance, International Finance and Exchange Rate Policy or related fields from reputable university;

ii)   At least 5 years of relevant work experience preferably related to economic policy issues;

iii)   Experience in conducting regional economic surveillance on the ASEAN+3 region or global advanced economies (N.B. experience with financial sector surveillance and financial stability issues will be an added advantage).

Posting date: 31 March 2017
Closing date: 1 May 2017

Researcher is AMRO’s entry level position and work experience is not mandatory. Researcher will perform the following functions:

i. To conduct surveillance activities by participating in country missions, drafting country reports, and capacity-building activities as assigned by the supervisors;

ii. To conduct research activities by gathering and compiling data, undertaking econometrics work, and writing reports as assigned by the supervisors;

iii. To collect, manage, disseminate, and analyse data from member authorities with a view to construct policy-oriented database system;

iv. To contribute to developing an analytical framework as well as to establishing and maintaining databases of ASEAN+3 economies, with focus on regional countries;

v. To support the monitoring of the financial markets of ASEAN+3 economies as well as to provide support for ad hoc researches or surveillance activities as assigned by the supervisors;

vi. To help in providing logistical and administrative support to AMRO’s country consultation visits as assigned by the supervisors.

The candidate should be 32 years of age or younger at the time of application and possess:

a) Recent completion of a PhD or Master’s degree in the field of macroeconomics, finance or related fields from a reputable university with outstanding academic record (please provide us with academic transcript and/or any information (resume, recommendations, etc.) to support your candidacy);

b) Experience in fiscal or financial sector analysis or knowledge of the economic or financial situation in ASEAN+3 or other advanced and emerging markets economies;

c) Proficiency in software applications such as Microsoft Office and in packages such as Stata, EViews, and MATLAB;

d) Experience in data collection, management and dissemination;

e) Ability to work independently under minimum supervision and be accountable for the accuracy of both data and information; and

f) Strong teamwork and communication skills to interact effectively with staff and officials of diverse cultural backgrounds at all levels. High proficiency in written and spoken English.

Qualified candidates should send:
a)   CV,
b)   Brief description on the relevant working experiences
c)   Earliest possible starting date of employment at AMRO, to:

Please kindly indicate the position you would like to apply for. We will acknowledge receipt of all the applications. We regret that only shortlisted candidate will be notified for interview.