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Short-term Research Expert

AMRO Research Collaboration Program

AMRO is pleased to launch the AMRO Collaboration Research Program, a new research program which aims at i) enhancing AMRO’s research capabilities through collaboration with external academicians and experts, ii) expanding AMRO’s network of external academicians and experts, and iii) increasing the visibility of AMRO’s research activities.

AMRO would therefore like to engage external academicians and experts to participate in  research on selected thematic topics related to its surveillance activity in the ASEAN+3 region. Successful candidates are expected to complete the study in three to six months in principle, either on-site at the AMRO office or off-site, and to present their research findings at AMRO and to publish the final research report on AMRO’s website in accordance with its publication policy.

Research Theme

a) Macroeconomic policy issues of the ASEAN+3 region and countries, particularly in the areas of growth, financial stability, monetary policy, fiscal policy and macro-financial and structural issues.

(Priority topics in 2017)
Growth model and financing of growth in ASEAN+3 economies: ASEAN+3 region’s future growth potential, taking into account the financing sources and risks to financing of economic growth, and the impact of structural trends such as ageing populations and technology on growth potential
The role of macroeconomic policy in the ASEAN+3 region: Balancing growth and stability in an uncertain global economic environment with emerging protectionism.

b) ASEAN+3’s regional cooperation efforts in the areas of international finance, international trade, FDI and economic integration.

(Priority topic in 2017)
Analysis on the currencies (including digital currencies) for trade settlement in the ASEAN+3 region and its impact on regional economic integration.

c) Regional financial arrangements issues in the ASEAN+3 region—particularly the CMIM arrangement, bilateral swap arrangements and architectural issues of the global financial safety net.

(Priority topic in 2017)
The role of local currencies in the ASEAN+3 region’s financial stability, including the regional financial arrangement.

Interested candidates should:

a) Send an updated CV and a brief description of all relevant working experience, including past achievements in research
b) Provide a concrete proposal for the program (up to five pages)
c) State their earliest possible start date

Compensation and equipment

AMRO will provide an honorarium, allowance and travel costs based on AMRO’s internal guidelines, and will provide office space and equipment in the case of on-site work.

Please send all applications and/or enquiries to:

Please kindly indicate the position you would like to apply for. We will acknowledge receipt of all the applications. We regret that only shortlisted candidate will be notified for interview.