Korea ACR Read the analytical note Glowing FOREX graph hologram, aerial panoramic cityscape of Singapore at sunset Price Wars: The Return of ASEAN+3 Inflation? SEPTEMBER 24, 2021 The recent rise in global inflation has been underpinned by both demand and supply side factors. On the one hand, the outlook for demand has improved with the recovery of the global economy from pandemic lows; on the other, supply-related bottlenecks and price hikes have contributed to greater price pressures. AN Read the analytical note Antipolo City, Philippines, Selling vegetables Divergent Recovery in the ASEAN+3 amid the COVID-19 Pandemic SEPTEMBER 10, 2021 The ongoing recovery in the ASEAN+3 region has been uneven across sectors and businesses, segments of the population, and individual economies. AMRO’s Divergent Recovery Index (DRI) attempts to measure this potential divergence across economies in the region. The index combines several health, economic, and capacity indicators, and more. HK ACV Read the press release Hong Kong citizens on the street Bolstering Broad-based Economic Recovery and Addressing Long-term Challenges in Hong Kong, China AUGUST 31, 2021 Hong Kong’s economy remains resilient, buttressed by ample fiscal and foreign reserves, and strong banking system capital buffers. Near-term risks stemming from the pandemic and US-China tensions call for policy efforts to ensure a steady recovery path. Zhenyu Blog Read the blog Zhenyu Yuan Quote Two Short yet Meaningful Years – My TA Secondment AUGUST 30, 2021 What is it like to work for AMRO on secondment and in the Technical Assistance team? Zhenyu Yuan shares her experience of moving to Singapore from China’s Ministry of Finance, and joining an international organization.

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