JANUARY 12, 2021 Impact of COVID-19 on ASEAN-5 Stock Markets JANUARY 12, 2021 This study investigates the impact of COVID-19 on the stock markets of ASEAN-5 (Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam). The results suggest the global COVID-19 development has more impact on the ASEAN-5 stock market daily returns than that of the local COVID-19 situation. Read more JANUARY 5, 2021 Synergizing ASEAN+3’s Regional and Bilateral Swap Arrangements for Greater Emergency Financing JANUARY 5, 2021 With the COVID-19 pandemic putting a spotlight on international financial assistance in times of crisis, it is worth exploring the collaboration between the CMIM, which aims to provide emergency financing for ASEAN+3 economies in the event of short-term financial shocks, and BSAs to strengthen the ASEAN+3 region’s financial safety net. Read more JANUARY 4, 2021 Has COVID-19 Killed Asia’s Growth Miracle? JANUARY 4, 2021 For decades, most Southeast Asian economies climbed the income ladder by pursuing a growth strategy based on ramping up investment in export-oriented manufacturing and services, relentlessly upskilling their domestic workforces, and leveraging technological advances. Read the blog

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