Nikkei Op-ed Chinese workers wear masks to produce circuit boards in a factory East Asia Must Adapt to Retain its Economic Advantages JUNE 15, 2021 While a substantial pivot away from East Asia is unlikely over the medium term, the region must continue to evolve to retain its economic advantages and remain an important location for global value chains. Read the op-ed VIR Oped Read the op-ed Ho Chi Minh city skyline How Vietnam Can Remain a Foreign Investment Sweet Spot JUNE 11, 2021 To remain a top destination for foreign investment, Vietnam must continue its effective containment of the pandemic, enhance labor productivity, promote a favorable business environment, and improve its transport and logistics infrastructure. CN ACR 2020 Read the press release Workers operate equipment to produce photovoltaic circuit boards at a production workshop of a green energy technology company AMRO’s 2020 Annual Consultation Report on China JUNE 10, 2021 China’s economy has recovered strongly from the downturn brought about by the pandemic. Given the current economic risks, the authorities must continue with targeted fiscal measures to sustain a balanced and inclusive recovery; and a monetary policy stance to ensure that liquidity is adequate. Read the annual consultation report Domestic tourism op ed Read the blog Helping Asian Workforce Emerge Stronger from the Pandemic JUNE 2, 2021 Millions across Asia have lost their jobs since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out early last year. AMRO economists argue that the uneven and weary path to economic recovery continues to cast a shadow on the prospects of the labor market in a blog.

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