Global Tech Split Read the op-ed Semiconductor circuit board Fixing the Global Tech Split JULY 28, 2021 Despite heightened US-China tech tensions, a major technology bifurcation is likely to be contained. But a better long-term outcome for the global economy will require fair and binding multilateral rules of conduct. Housing market Read the op-ed Housing construction Cooling Down the Housing Market in China JULY 22, 2021 The Chinese government has implemented a series of tightening measures to mitigate potential financial risks in the real estate sector, the root causes of price pressure need to be further addressed. Thai PR Read the press release Thailand vaccination Faster Vaccination, and Supportive Macroeconomic and Structural Policies Crucial for Sustained Recovery in Thailand JULY 13, 2021 Thailand’s economy will recover gradually, with GDP growth of 1.5% in 2021 and 4.8% in 2022. Besides faster vaccination and effective virus containment measures, the recovery should be supported by expansionary fiscal measures, accommodative monetary policy, as well as effective credit, debt restructuring and structural policies. PH ACR Read the speech Photo of an officer checking the condition of the solar panel, early warning system, in anticipation of landslides Speech by AMRO Director Mr. Toshinori Doi at the 1st V20 Climate Vulnerables Finance Summit JULY 8, 2021 AMRO Director, Toshinori Doi’s intervention at the 1st V20 Climate Vulnerables Finance Summit on July 8, 2021 Caixin Oped Read the op-ed Contactless payment How COVID Is Transforming the Philippine Financial Sector JULY 5, 2021 Several fundamental changes will likely emerge in the Philippine financial sector, as the industry’s digital transformation gains momentum. Financial regulators, for example, will face new challenges as the fintech and financial sector as a whole evolve. The new rules could change the entire operational landscape.

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