Governance Structure

AMRO has an Executive Committee, an Advisory Panel, a Director and staff.

Executive Committee

Each member is represented on the Executive Committee, and for this purpose, two Deputies – one finance deputy from its government with responsibility for finance and one central bank deputy from its central bank or its equivalent – may be appointed. The exception would be Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, whereby only one Deputy may be appointed.

The Executive Committee maintains strategic oversight of, and sets the policy directions for AMRO.

Advisory Panel

The Advisory Panel consists of not more than six members who are distinguished and respected economists, and are appointed by the Executive Committee. The Advisory Panel is independent from the Director and staff of AMRO, and are accountable to the Executive Committee.

The Advisory Panel is tasked with providing timely strategic, technical and professional input to AMRO’s macroeconomic assessments and recommendations to the Director.

Director and Staff

The Director is appointed by the Executive Committee, and will hold office on the terms as determined by the Executive Committee. The Director represents AMRO and conducts the current business of AMRO, including the appointment of staff.