Organization Chart

Slide Executive Committee Director Advisory Panel Chief Economist
(Surveillance & Research)
Deputy Director
(CMIM, Strategy & Coordination)
Deputy Director
Budget, HR & Support Service Group
Legal Team
CMIM Support Group
Strategy & Coordination Team
Technical Assistance Team
Public Relations Team
Country Surveillance Group (1)
Country Surveillance Group (2)
Country Surveillance Group (3)
Country Surveillance Group (4)
Country Surveillance Group (5)
Financial Surveillance Group
Regional Group

Executive Committee (EC)

  • Comprising Deputy finance ministers and Deputy central bank governors of the ASEAN+3 countries
  • To maintain strategic oversight of AMRO including providing guidance and setting broad policy direction for the management of AMRO
  • To appoint AMRO Director and Advisory Panel members

Advisory Panel

  • Comprising 6 members (3 from ASEAN, 1 from China, 1 from Japan and 1 from Korea) appointed by the Executive Committee and the team is two years
  • Being independent from the Director and staff of AMRO, and accountable to the Executive Committee and the term is for two years
  • AMRO Advisory Panel members:
    • Professor Zhang Yuyan, Director, Institute of World Economics and Politics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)
    • Dr Mohamad Ikhsan, Professor of Economics, University of Indonesia
    • Dr Akira Ariyoshi, Professor, Graduate School of Economics, and Professor and Program Director, Asian Public Policy School, School of International and Public Policy, Hitotsubashi University
    • Professor Kyung-Wook Hur, Visiting Professor, KDI School of Public Policy and Management (Chair)
    • Dr Maria Almasara Cyd Tuaño Amador, Former Assistant Governor, Monetary Policy Sub-Sector, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
    • Dr Bandid Nijathaworn, President and CEO, Thai Institute of Directors

AMRO Director

  • Appointed by, accountable to and subject to the general control of the Executive Committee
  • Chief of AMRO Staff