Core Functions     |     Partnerships

Core Functions

AMRO’s surveillance priorities are: to further strengthen its country surveillance; to enhance its regional surveillance; to develop a comprehensive surveillance framework and analytical toolkits; and to enhance the work on functional and/or sectoral surveillance, and on thematic studies and research.

AMRO has provided support to ASEAN+3 member authorities to ensure that the Chiang Mai Initiative Multilateralisation (CMIM) arrangement is operationally ready. This arrangement is established by the CMIM Agreement, which is supplemented by the agreement’s Operational Guidelines (OGs).
The CMIM Agreement and the OGs specify, for instance, relevant activation procedures, conditions, and financing details. Test runs, with the support of AMRO, have been regularly conducted by member authorities under various scenarios since 2013. AMRO has also supported member authorities in laying the groundwork for the ongoing development of CMIM arrangements, providing advice and recommendations to members in developing the future direction of CMIM to enhance its operational readiness.

AMRO’s Technical Assistance (TA) is designed with consideration to the development stage, country-specific environment and policy priorities of ASEAN+3 member economies in order to better meet their needs under a TA Framework. This work aims to create a platform to strengthen members’ macroeconomic surveillance capacities, and facilitate knowledge sharing among members and other international organizations through the programs, namely: Secondment, Consultancy, and Research and Training.


In this highly interconnected world, partnerships are essential to advance its mandate, and to accomplish the maximum impact to realize its goals. In building ties with our partner institutions, AMRO aims to (i) establish and expand regional and global networks so that AMRO can fulfill its mission, vision and core functions, and (ii) bolster its status as the premier international organization in the ASEAN+3 region.

AMRO partners with international organizations, the academic community, knowledge institutions, private financial institutions, global and regional fora, as well as the public and non-governmental sectors.

To this end, AMRO has signed Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) to institutionalize joint collaboration with the Asian Development Bank, European Stability Mechanism, the International Monetary Fund, and the Latin American Reserve Fund (FLAR) and the Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS).


AMRO, ADB Sign MOU to Support Increased Regional Economic Growth, Stability

AMRO and ESM Sign Memorandum of Understanding

AMRO, IMF Enhance Cooperation to Support Regional and Global Financial Stability

AMRO and FLAR Sign Memorandum of Understanding

AMRO and TCS Sign Memorandum of Understanding

AMRO, OECD Partner on ASEAN+3 Growth and Financial Stability

AMRO, ASEC Forge Closer Ties with Collaboration Agreement