AMRO Advisory Panel Convened on November 16, 2016

2020-07-20T02:54:10+08:00November 16, 2016|Press Release|

AMRO Advisory Panel Convened on November 16, 2016

From left to right: Dr Akira Ariyoshi, Dr Mohamad Ikhsan, Dr Bandid Nijathaworn, Dr Cyd Amador, Professor Zhang Yuyan, and Professor Kyung-Wook Hur.

The meeting discussed the preparation for the upcoming ASEAN+3 Finance and Central Bank Deputies’ Meeting (AFCDM+3) in December 2016 in China. Specifically, AMRO consulted with the Advisory Panel (AP) on its strategic paper, the Regional Macroeconomic Outlook as well as surveillance notes on member economies, all of which will be submitted to the AFCDM+3. The meeting was chaired by Dr Bandid Nijathaworn (Advisory Panel Chair), and attended by Dr Cyd Amador, Dr Akira Ariyoshi, Professor Kyung-Wook Hur, Dr Mohamad Ikhsan and Professor Zhang Yuyan. AMRO Director, Dr Chang Junhong, Chief Economist, Dr Khor Hoe Ee, Deputy Director (CMIM, Strategy and Coordination), Mr Yasuto Watanabe, and Deputy Director (Administration), Mr. Huntae Lee, also attended the Meeting.

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