ASEAN+3 Macroeconomic Research Office’s Annual Report 2022

AMRO Annual Report 2022 – The Next Decade: Strategy 2030

The 2022 Annual Report focuses on how AMRO is moving from its first decade to the second, and toward a future-oriented mission and vision, with a new senior management team and a new roadmap—Strategic Direction 2030 (SD2030)—which will guide the organization’s development in the next decade.

In 2022, as the world shifted from lockdowns and social distancing to an endemic “new normal”, where high interest rates and inflation became the norm, AMRO continued to closely monitor the rising risks and emerging challenges to the macroeconomic and financial stability in the ASEAN+3 region. In addition to successfully resuming physical annual consultation visits (ACVs) and interim visits, AMRO continued to support members by enhancing the effectiveness and usability of the CMIM in a number of areas, including the use of local currencies (LCYs) and the assessment of a member’s potential need for LCY during peacetime, among others. AMRO remained committed to building capacity regionally and to facilitating knowledge sharing among our members, delivering an in-person training course on macroeconomic surveillance and carried out two consultancy projects.

AMRO resumed its in-person participation in key meetings to continue building trust and foster strong, meaningful relationships, as it continued to leverage on digital technologies to connect with its members and partners. AMRO also conducted its first holistic review of the staff compensation and benefits package, which aims to put in place a clearly structured and reasonably competitive compensation and benefits package to attract and motivate staff to contribute to AMRO’s growth in a way that is aligned to its SD2030.

In the next decade, AMRO will continue to serve as a trusted policy advisor to ASEAN+3 members and endeavor to rise as both a regional knowledge hub and a thought leader with global influence.