AMRO Advisory Panel (AP) convened on September 8, 2016

2022-01-13T17:38:59+08:00September 16, 2016|Press Release|

AMRO Advisory Panel (AP) convened on September 8, 2016

The meeting discussed latest developments of AMRO’s operations, the monthly AMRO Regional Economic Monitoring (AREM) Report, as well as the preliminary findings from AMRO’s staff consultation visits to Japan, China, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Cambodia and Thailand. AMRO also briefed the AP on its proposed research topics for 2017.

The meeting was chaired by Dr Bandid Nijathaworn (AP Chair), and attended by Dr Maria Almasara Cyd Tuano Amador, Dr Akira Ariyoshi, Professor Kyung-Wook Hur, Dr Mohamad Ikhsan and Professor Zhang Yuyan. AMRO Director, Dr Chang Junhong, Chief Economist, Dr Khor Hoe Ee and Deputy Director (CMIM, Strategy and Coordination), Mr Yasuto Watanabe also attended the meeting.

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