AMRO Concludes 2016 Annual Consultation Visit to Brunei Darussalam

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AMRO Concludes 2016 Annual Consultation Visit to Brunei Darussalam

An AMRO mission led by Dr Seung Hyun Hong conducted this year’s Annual Consultation Visit to Brunei Darussalam from 5 to 7 September. Dr Junhong Chang, AMRO Director, and Dr Hoe Ee Khor, AMRO Chief Economist, participated in part of the mission.

During the visit, AMRO staff held a series of meetings with both the public and private sectors, including the Ministry of Finance, Autoriti Monetari Brunei Darussalam (AMBD), Department of Economic Planning and Development (DEPD), Department of Energy and Industry, Prime Minister’s Office, banks, government entities such as the FDI Action and Support Centre (FAST) and Darussalam Enterprises (DARE). During the meetings, AMRO staff discussed a wide range of issues regarding the Brunei Darussalam economic outlook, risks and vulnerabilities, and medium- to long-term growth prospects. The discussions also touch upon the adequacy of policy measures to address the challenges facing the economy, especially the fiscal and financial policies to secure fiscal sustainability and financial soundness, and structural reforms to expedite the diversification of the economy and improve competitiveness.

AMRO would like to thank the Brunei Darussalam authorities for their kind hospitality and assistance in arranging the meetings. The visit to Brunei Darussalam has deepened AMRO’s understanding of the current macroeconomic and financial situation, as well as key issues related to macroeconomic stability in Brunei Darussalam.

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